• 2020 Student Design Contest

    Saturday March 14, 2020   Completed designs accepted 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


    2020 STUDENT DESIGN CONTEST - March 14, 2020 from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm
    Contestants must be registered as a student.  The entry fee is $10 and must be included with the Annual Floral Design Show registration.  It must be received by MARCH 6, 2020. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE PERMITTED.

    Contest Description:
    Division 1 – High School         Division 2 – College

    Each contestant can enter one fresh flower arrangement.  The arrangement should be a centerpiece suitable for a 60” round guest table and interpret the theme, “Inspiration”, this year’s conference theme.  Students bring their completed designs to the contest Chairman during the time allotted.


    A panel of judges will determine the winners. 

    First place – receives $50.00 and a ribbon; Second place receives $30.00 and a ribbon; and Third place receives $20.00 and a ribbon.

    1.   ENTRY:  Contest open to high school and college students.
    2.   Contestants must preregister for the 2020 ISFA Annual Design Floral Show.
    3.   Designs must be students’ own work.
    4.   The design must not exceed 36” in height, 24” in width and 24” in depth.  Any entry not within 
    the dimensions will be disqualified.
    5.   Students should present their high school or college student ID to the contest chairperson.
    6.   JUDGING:  The judges will consist of qualified professional floral designers.  A points system will be used with a possible 100 total points given to each design by each
    judge.  Designs will be judged based on ten categories. A maximum of 10 points may be given for each of the following categories:

    Interpretation, Creativity, Scale (Proportional), Unity (Harmony and Texture), Balance (Physical 
    and Visual), Focal Emphasis, Line (Movement and Rhythm), Depth, Color Balance (Harmony and Rhythm), 
    and Mechanics.

    Point scale: 0-2 Poor, 3-5 Fair, 6-8 Good, and 9-10 Excellent.

    7.   DISPLAY: The tablescape designs will remain in place to be viewed throughout the weekend.  Contestants must remove their designs between 3:00-5:00 pm on Sunday.

    For more information, please contact Michelle O-Neal-Babicky, CFD, ICPF at (217) 498-8882 or (217) 415-2214.

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