• Thursday, March 23, 2017

    4:30pm ICPF Comprehensive Assessment

    4:30pm ICD Assessment

    Friday, March 24, 2017

    9:00am-4:00pm Advanced Hands-On Workshop:

    Flora.....Coloring our World! Presented by Randy Wooten AIFD, PFCI, GMF 

    The Floral Industry is rich with vibrant colors and it seems now more than ever we are being introduced to new stunning varieties each and every year. Color plays a huge role in floral design and understanding it's importance is key to success in our industry. 

    In this workshop, Randy will focus on color and the different relationships that colors can have with one another.  By infusing the color harmonies with design techniques to create unique compositions.  Spanning the different segments of our industry.....Wedding, Everyday, Prom and Sympathy.  

    Do you want to learn new techniques, tips, and tricks when it comes to everyday, prom, wedding, and sympathy design? If you answered yes then this class is for you! You will be making projects from each category all the while learning from an industry leader.

    3:00-6:00pm Registration Open

    3:00-6:00pm Tablescape Contest

    4:00-6:00pm Land of Lincoln Contest

    5:30-7:00pm Past President's & Hall of Fame Recipients Dinner

    6:00-8:00pm MarketPlace Cocktail Reception

    8:00-9:00pm Stage Presentation:

    Setting the Stage presented by Jonathan Reiman CFD, ICPF

    Join Jonathan for the first stage presentation of the ISFA Annual Design Show as we “set the stage” for a wonderful weekend of educational opportunities and learning. 

    Watch as the stage is transformed right in front of your eyes from a wedding worthy backdrop any bride would love into…


    9:15-11:30pm Hospitality Suite Open

    Saturday, March 25, 2017

    8:00-5:00pm Registration Open

    8:30-5:00pm MarketPlace Open

    8:30-10:00am Hands-On Workshop:  

    Spring, Spring and More Spring presented by John Windisch AIFD, CFD

    Care and handling of spring bulb flowers and branches. You will design an arrangement utilizing spring bulbs, branches, natural materials,and metal accents. 

    Sponsored by AIFD North Central Chapter

    9:30-11:30am Designer of the Year Contest

    11:00-12:30pm Open Seating Luncheon

    12:00-1:30pm Hands-On Workshop:

    Thinking outside the Jewelry Box presented by Julia Marie Schmitt, CFD, ICPF, EMC

    Creating floral jewelry which inspires with bling and blooms! Learn jewelry techniques which can be applied to everything from prom flowers to wedding flowers and beyond!

    12:30-1:30pm Student Design Competition

    12:30-1:30pm Stage Presentation:

    Let’s Talk Weddings panel discussion with Michelle O’Neal-Babicky ICPF, Tina Davis AIFD CFD ICPF, Candice Hart CFD ICPF, Frankie Peltier AIFD

    Join us for a panel discussion regarding trends, tips, and tricks on how to have a successful wedding business. 

    12:30-1:30pm Hands-On Workshop:

    How to Photograph Your Designs with Your IPhone presented by Karin Doolin

    Karin’s class will give you the tips and tricks to create more flattering and dynamic designs with equipment as basic as the camera on your mobile device. She will share simple and effective editing techniques, and how to reach your target brides with your images on social media.

    1:30-2:30pm Hands-On Workshop:

    How to Photograph Your Designs with Your Android presented by Karin Doolin

    Karin’s class will give you the tips and tricks to create more flattering and dynamic designs with equipment as basic as the camera on your mobile device. She will share simple and effective editing techniques, and how to reach your target brides with your images on social media.

    1:00-4:30pm Corsage Bar Open

    2:00-4:00pm Stage Presentation: 

    Principles, Elements, and All That Jazz presented by Derek Woodruff AIFD, CFD, PFCI

    A Vaudeville-styled review of the principles and elements of floral design.  This terminology lesson will engage, educate, and entertain you all at the same time.  Fun music, dancing girls, and floral fashioning will make this the most exciting lesson in flowers you've ever had

    Sponsored by Kennicott

    5:00pm MarketPlace Closes

    6:00-7:00pm Board Photos

    6:00-7:00pm Cocktail Reception

    7:00-8:30pm Presidential Ball/ Awards Ceremony

    8:30-11:00pm Celebration

    Sunday, March 26, 2017

    8:30-12:00pm Registration Open

    8:30-3:00pm MarketPlace Open (complimentary coffee and tea until 11:00)

    8:30-10:00am Hands-On Workshop:  

    All About Armatures presented by Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD

    This hands-on class will provide you with tricks and tips on how to create amazing armatures for your customers.

    8:45-10:15am Hands-On Workshop:  

    Tech Sunday presented by Derek Woodruff AIFD, PFCI

    Join Derek in a hands-on session where you will apply what you've learned from his principles and elements lesson.  You will be re-creating Derek's first place bouquet from the Sylvia Cup competition, which "balances" on one very specific principle.  In addition, you will learn creative floral headpiece construction and demonstrate your favorite principle or element of floral design.

    Sponsored by Kennicott

    10:30-12:00pm Stage Presentation:

    Fascination with Foliage presented by Helen Miller AIFD​

    Foliage is the next big trend! Experiment with leaf manipulation and the many ways you can contour them to create new innovative designs. Learn exciting new simple techniques to give your flower arrangements a contemporary twist. Long lasting foliage can create beautiful architectural images that will distinguish your designs and set you apart! 

    Sponsored by Teleflora

    12:30-1:30pm Luncheon/Annual Meeting

    2:00-3:30pm Stage Presentation:

    Trendy Wedding Bouquets presented by Jacob McCall AIFD, PFCI

    Join us for an exciting look at current wedding bouquet trends to lead you into the future with cutting edge design and style. In this program, Jacob will wow you with fun, innovative bridal bouquet designs aimed to thrill your wedding and event clients. Trendy Wedding Bouquets will stir your creativity and make you think outside the box to surprise and delight today’s brides, allowing you to stand out from your competition!

    Sponsored by FTD


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  • Become an Illinois State Florist Association (ISFA) Board Member

    What is the Illinois State Florist Association Board?

    The Illinois State Florist Association (ISFA) is managed and under the administration of a Board of Directors comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Regional Directors.  Board members are chosen from ISFA members in good standing.

    Why should You consider becoming a ISFA Board Member?

    Because of your commitment to education and as an ISFA member in good standing, the ISFA Executive Board and Board of Directors would like to invite you to consider becoming an ISFA Board Member.  By becoming an ISFA Board Member, you can enhance your career, enabling you to make a positive impact in our industry as well as grow personally.  As a member of the ISFA Board, you have the opportunity to gain insights and new knowledge about various aspects of our industry.  You have the opportunity to give back to the floral community by channeling your passion, commitment and motivation in a positive and productive way by assisting other floral professionals.

    Through your association with ISFA as a board member, you also are given opportunities to grow as a leader in the floral industry.  By being involvement in the ISFA’s decisions making process that reflect emerging issues, you will be working with like-minded people who are making choices that will affect the future betterment of our profession.  Your knowledge of current events in our industry will offer you the chance to develop your skill base in interpersonal communication, decision-making, problem-solving, team-building and time-management skills.  Furthermore, you will be able to expand your networks by making connections with other board members and other influential individuals in the floral community.

    What is ISFA Board Members Required to do?

    As a board member, you will be asked to:

    -attend six annual board meetings which are held in Springfield, Illinois,

    -sit on various committees

    -participate in the Annual Design Floral Show during the third weekend of March at Decatur, Illinois Conference Center


    How long is a ISFA Board Term of Commitment?

      Your term on the Board normally requires a three year commitment.

    Become an ISFA Board Member

    If you are interested in becoming an ISFA Board Member, please download the ISFA Board Member Application and return it to Julia Marie P. Schmitt AIFD, CFD, EMC, ICPF, Chair of Nominating and Human Resource Committee, at Pualeialii@hotmail.com and Adam Havrilla AIFD, CFD, ICPF, President of Illinois State Florists' Association