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  • To maintain your ICPF accreditation, you are required to pay yearly dues of $35.00 and submit 8 continuing education units. You will submit the prior year’s continuing education units with your current  year’s dues. ISFA wants to encourage our Professional Designers to demonstrate their creative abilities and talents. Continuing education is a commitment to your personal and professional growth.

    Please note, if you are a fully retired florist who wants to maintain your ICPF addendum, your continuing education requirement will be waived. You will be responsible for your yearly dues.

    How to “earn” continuing education units:

    Attendance at ISFA Annual Design Show (6 units)

    Stage presentor or hands-on instructor (6 units)

    ISFA Advanced Class (3 units)

    ISFA Boot Camp (6 units)

    ISFA Design Show hands-on class (1 unit)

    Attendance at other State Conventions (6 units)

    Wholesale Design Programs (2 units)

    Educator: College/University; Floral Design School/Certification Program (6 units)

    Public Presentations (2 units)

    Attendance at public design presentation (1 unit)

    AIFD Symposium (8 units)

    Officer at State or National level (2 units)

    Committee member State or National level (2 units)

    And Many More ways to earn units including: Articles for Trade Publications, AIFD on-line classes, Recognized Floral design classes/schools, College courses.    

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