• 2019 Land of Lincoln Advanced Competition

    The contest will be held Friday, March 15, 2019 from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Entry fee is $35.00


    1. Contest is open to any active member in good standing of the Illinois State Florists’ Association or any employee of an active member in good standing and must be a resident of the state of Illinois.
    2. Each contestant will interpret the theme of the conference “Remembering Our History”, with a design of all fresh flowers and materials.
    3. Each contestant will provide all flowers, greens and materials needed for the competition.  Props and accessories are permitted.  The size of the design must not exceed 48” in depth and 96” in height.  Any design, including props and table or stand, not within the given dimensions will be disqualified.
    4. Each contestant must design the entry on site.  The contestants will have two hours to complete the design.  No floral foam can be added to containers or floral insertions made prior to the competition.  A member of the Land of Lincoln Committee will inspect each work area prior to the official start of the competition.
    5. To complete the designs, all contestants must bring necessary tools:  scissors, knife, wire, tape, etc.
    6. The Land of Lincoln Committee will select required number of spaces for the competition and will number each space.  The committee will place the number for each space in a sealed envelope.
    7. Contestants are asked to report to the Land of Lincoln Committee Chairman thirty minutes before the time of the contest for briefing.  Each contestant will draw a sealed envelope containing a numbered space.  The contestants will draw in alphabetical order. A master sheet containing each contestant’s name and selected number will be retained by the Land of Lincoln Committee.  No other person outside the committee will have access to this document. Employees and family members of the Land of Lincoln Committee are ineligible to compete.
    8. Prior to judging the judges will be given an envelope containing the rules and score sheet.  Judging will be immediately following the competition.  The judges will consist of qualified professional floral designers.  The judges will have access to the judge’s tally sheet only, judging each design for its individual merit.  Upon completion each judge will place all his/her tally sheets in an envelope and give it to the Land of Lincoln Chairman.
    9. A total point system will be used, with a possible 100 points given each entry by each judge.  Design will be judged in nine categories:  Interpretation of Theme, possible 20 points, 0-4 Poor; 5-10 Fair; 11-15 Good and 16-20 Excellent; the following have a possible 10 points per category, Creativity, Scale (Proportional), Unity (Harmony and Texture), Balance (Physical and Visual), Focal Emphasis, Line (Movement and Rhythm), Color Balance (Harmony and Rhythm) and Mechanics.  Points will be awarded as follows: 0-2 Poor; 3-5 Fair, 6-8 Good and 9-10 Excellent.  The winner will be selected by adding the scores, with the Land of Lincoln Cup being awarded to the contestant with the highest number of points.  The contestant with the second highest number of points will be first runner-up and the contestant with the third highest number of points will be the second runner-up.  The Land of Lincoln committee will tabulate the results of the judges’ scores and will retain the information until the awards presentation.
    10. The winner will receive a 100% of total entry fees collected, a plaque and the Land of Lincoln Cup to retain for one year. The first runner-up will receive a 2020 Annual Floral Design Show full registration and a plaque and the second runner-up will receive 2020 Annual Floral Design Show regular hands on class and a plaque.
    11. All entries must be REGISTERED by March 9, 2019.  
    12. Each contestant must have a registration for the Annual Floral Design Show and will be responsible for their personal ISFA Conference expenses.
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