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    William J. McKinley AIFD, CFD, ICPF 2017 Educational Grant


    The ISFA/ICPF will be awarding a $300 grant at the ISFA Annual Floral Design Show. This is an annual grant we have been able to award and hope to continue to be able to award this educational grant in the future.

     This grant is only available to ICPF members in good standing (ISFA membership and ICPF dues current). It is application/financial need based. Funds may be used at educational opportunities such as: AIFD Symposium, ISFA hands-on classes, ISFA Annual Floral Design Show, ICPF Advanced classes, College courses and other recognized educational opportunities. The grant recipient will be announced at the ISFA Annual Floral Design Show. The grant must be used between March 23, 2017 and March 25, 2018. The grant recipient will be reimbursed after completion of class (must provide proof of completion).Failure to use the grant monies will disqualify the named recipient from consideration for other ICPF grants. You are not eligible to apply if you have been awarded this grant in the past five years. The committee’s decision will be final. All applications must be postmarked by March 9, 2017.

    Any questions please contact Ronda Hess at icpf_isfa@hotmail.com

    Please mail application to:

    Ronda Hess AIFD CFD ICPF

    ISFA ICPF Coordinator

    PO Box 475

    Hudson, IL


  • 2017 ICPF Grant Application


    Name ________________________________________________________________


    Mailing Address ________________________________________________________




    E-Mail ________________________________________________________________


    Day Phone Number ______________________________________________________


    Evening Phone Number ___________________________________________________


    Year Graduated ICPF _____________________________________________________


    Current Employer, City and State, Phone Number _______________________________




    Employed Full Time _________Part-Time __________ other _____________________


    What educational opportunity would you use the grant monies for?__________________



    Approximate cost _________________________________________________________


    Would there be additional expenses? i.e. Travel, Lodging, Meals; Approximate cost ________________________________________________________________________


    Please provide the following information on an attached separate sheet(s) of paper.


    I. Educational Experience (after High School) Please include any post secondary education, AIFD Symposiums, ISFA Conferences, or other events pertinent to the Floriculture industry, and dates attended.


    II.Work Experience (last 10 years) Please include name of business, city and state where located, phone number and dates of employment.


    III.Personal Statement for Financial Need  Please provide a personal statement (300 words or less) commenting on your professional and educational experiences in the floral industry. Also, explain your financial need and your future goals in the floral industry.


    Please include a current photograph of your self (will not be returned).

    Please attach all pages together and return by mail, post marked by March 1, 2016 to


    Ronda Hess AIFD, ICPF

    PO Box 475, Hudson, IL  61748

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  • Become an Illinois State Florist Association (ISFA) Board Member

    What is the Illinois State Florist Association Board?

    The Illinois State Florist Association (ISFA) is managed and under the administration of a Board of Directors comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Regional Directors.  Board members are chosen from ISFA members in good standing.

    Why should You consider becoming a ISFA Board Member?

    Because of your commitment to education and as an ISFA member in good standing, the ISFA Executive Board and Board of Directors would like to invite you to consider becoming an ISFA Board Member.  By becoming an ISFA Board Member, you can enhance your career, enabling you to make a positive impact in our industry as well as grow personally.  As a member of the ISFA Board, you have the opportunity to gain insights and new knowledge about various aspects of our industry.  You have the opportunity to give back to the floral community by channeling your passion, commitment and motivation in a positive and productive way by assisting other floral professionals.

    Through your association with ISFA as a board member, you also are given opportunities to grow as a leader in the floral industry.  By being involvement in the ISFA’s decisions making process that reflect emerging issues, you will be working with like-minded people who are making choices that will affect the future betterment of our profession.  Your knowledge of current events in our industry will offer you the chance to develop your skill base in interpersonal communication, decision-making, problem-solving, team-building and time-management skills.  Furthermore, you will be able to expand your networks by making connections with other board members and other influential individuals in the floral community.

    What is ISFA Board Members Required to do?

    As a board member, you will be asked to:

    -attend six annual board meetings which are held in Springfield, Illinois,

    -sit on various committees

    -participate in the Annual Design Floral Show during the third weekend of March at Decatur, Illinois Conference Center


    How long is a ISFA Board Term of Commitment?

      Your term on the Board normally requires a three year commitment.

    Become an ISFA Board Member

    If you are interested in becoming an ISFA Board Member, please download the ISFA Board Member Application and return it to Julia Marie P. Schmitt AIFD, CFD, EMC, ICPF, Chair of Nominating and Human Resource Committee, at Pualeialii@hotmail.com and Adam Havrilla AIFD, CFD, ICPF, President of Illinois State Florists' Association