• ISFA Body Flower Contest

  • Designer will register at the ICPF corsage bar prior to 4pm Saturday, March 17, 2018.

    Designer will be given a package containing materials to be included in the body flower design. Designer may use fresh flowers they provided or from the corsage bar.

    Designer may choose to use as much or little of all the materials.

    Designer has to include all the materials. (Like the Chopped basket, as much or as little but have to use a portion of everything.)

    Finished design should incorporate the materials given and fresh florals/foliage.

    Design will be worn by Designer.  

    This is a body flower contest i.e.: hair piece, head piece, corsage (pin on or wrist), arm band, bracelet, belt, boutonniere, boa, ankle or shoe piece, necklace.

    Stop by the ICPF Corsage bar for the 2018 ISFA Body Flower Contest.

    All entries will be judged during the Cocktail hour prior to the Presidents Awards Banquet.

    Entries must be worn by the designer.

    Photos will be taken in a designated area.

    Awards will be given at the Awards Banquet.

    Judges decision will be final. No score sheets will be available for review by contestants.

    1st prize Hands-on class at 2019 AFDS and featured on ISFA Facebook page

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