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    The Illinois Certified Professional Florist (ICPF) program is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a basic level of proficiency in the floral industry for the state of Illinois. A series of design and management review evaluations will be offered on a regular basis. These review evaluations will be used to assess designated competency areas, verifying skills and knowledge needed for basic, entry level floristry*.

    The Illinois Certified Professional Florist program primary goals are:
    1.To initiate or augment the continuous process of professional growth and development
    2.To instill high business ethical values and standards
    3.To create a forum for the exchange of ideas
    4.To create a high level of professionalism in Illinois’ floral industry

    * ICPF is not intended to be the sole preparation/training of novice florists for a career in the floral industry.

    “So many people think being a florist is just getting to play with pretty flowers. Earning the distinction of ICPF show to your consumers and the industry that you are committed to art of floristry and will uphold the standards of professionalism. I have been a member since 1997 and am proud to recruit others and promote this program to my colleagues and students” –Jennifer Hunt, McHenry Il.

    “ICPF is a personal investment that is worth every penny. I have learned so much in the ICPF classes, both the certification program and the bootcamp classes. The friendships and knowledge I have gained through ICPF is priceless. I love my ICPF family!” –Trisha Locke, Champaign, Il

    “I got my ICPF certification in 2004 because I wanted to better myself and my floral design skills. I believe it is important in this industry to stay on top of the new floral trends. Because I'm a member of ICPF, I am able to attend classes for continuing my floral education and staying in touch with the floral industry. I had a goal to be an Illinois Certified Professional Florist and I encourage my employees to do the same.” –Katy Selmi Downs, Rock Falls, Il 

    ICPF is happy to announce our new certification program!

    You will now be able to participate in on-line certification classes offered by ISFA.
    You will have access to 8 on-line lecture classes, 4 in-person design/lecture classes, a written and skill assessment at the conclusion of each class, and you can be an Illinois Certified Professional Florist within 12 months!!

    A one-time registration fee of $50.00 and a low cost per class is all it takes for you to become an                       
    Hands-On Bootcamp Classes
    Principles & Elements of Design   $49.00
       Explore the Principles & Elements of Design as you identify how each Principle & Element is created and used in floral design.

    Basic Design Techniques $99.00
      The foundation of floral design—Practice basic floral mechanics and techniques using the Principles & Elements of Design.

    Sympathy Design Basics $99.00
       Experience hands-on how to’s for casket sprays, easel sprays and traditional “mache” designs.

    Wedding Design Techniques $99.00
     Gain practical experience as you create basic wedding bouquets. Techniques include wire & taping, use of bouquet holders and personal flowers.

    On-Line Classes
    Care & Handling: Fresh Flowers and Foliage’s $69.00
    Learn the fundamentals of care & handling…Pretreatments, Cutting Methods,  Commonly used chemicals and the significance of transpiration.

    Care & Handling: Green and Blooming Plants $69.00
       The who, what and how of basic plant care…Light, Water, Temperature, Humidity, Fertilizer and Soil.

    Delivery—The Who, The What and The How $69.00
       How can delivery be used to a florist’s advantage?  How much does it really cost to deliver your products?

    Employees and their Care & Handling $69.00
       Hiring, Training, Rewarding, Retaining and Termination of employees are discussed in this informative session.

    Customer Care & Service $69.00
       Effective communication is the key element to customer satisfaction. Explore this and other methods of cultivating customer relations.

    Capturing & Maximizing YOUR Sales $69.00
       Merchandising, Promotions, Advertising, Marketing Plan, Target Market—the how to’s of reaching your customers.

    Basic Shop Operations: So you want to own a flower shop! $69.00
       Business Basics that include components of a business plan, what is a balance sheet & income statement, ownership structure and more!

    Design Techniques AIFD.org   $99.00 payable to AIFD
      Identify design techniques, mechanics techniques and their practical application to professional floral design.

    Check out our youtube channel for on-line classes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPqyL4PPRx6aKPpjxkGm0A

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