• Illinois State Florists’ Association Education

    Education is a very important part of the Illinois State Florists Association.  We offer several opportunities for growth in the floral world.  From our Annual Floral Design Show in March where we present stage shows…hands-on classes…to our Illinois Certified Professional Florist (ICPF) certification classes.

    Last year we added a new series of classes…Floral Design Boot Camps (an intense period of time learning and producing of a specific subject.)  This new series of floral design classes are more in depth and will help you in all aspects of design in the floral world.

    There are four Boot Camps a year…2 days of hands-on designing each. Classes start Sunday at 10am, Monday at 8am. They are 8 hours in length, plus an hour for lunch. You will design and take home 8+ projects. All product, supplies, notebook and lunches are provided. Students must register two weeks prior to class. Class will be cancelled if less than 10 students register. See below for class schedule. 


  • September 10-11, 2017   Sympathy Floral Design click here to register

    Taking Back the Sympathy Market

    • In Lieu of Flowers
    • Funeral Work Do's and Don'ts
    • Caring for Your Fresh Flowers
    • Form...The Shape of Design
    • Flower Shapes- Line, Mass, Filler, & Form

    The Art of Personalized Family Tributes

    The Art of Foliage Enhancements

    The Art of Container Designs

    • Balance...No Tipping Please

    The Art of Standing Sprays, wreaths, and Set Piece Designs

    The Art of Flowering and Foliage Plants


  • ‚ÄčNovember 5-6, 2017    Event/Holiday Floral Design click here to register

    • Floral Design Techniques
    • The Art of Creative Holiday Design
    • Sculptural Design
    • Finding the Element of Texture
    • The Art of Floral Jewelry......About Body Flowers
    • Offering the Unusual
    • The Art of Memorable Parties
    • Party/Reception Trends
    • Designing the Table
    • The Art of Interpretive Design
    • Editing, Line and Space

  • Classes will be held at:

    Parkland Community College

    Tony Noel Building 9W- Building Room 115

    2400 west Bradley Ave

    Champaign, Il


    ICPF Members will receive a $50.00 rebate check at completion of class

    ISFA members $275

    Non-Members $325

    For More Information:

    Judi Borah AIFD, CFD, ICPF


    Refund/Cancellation Policies
    The Illinois State Florists’ Association (ISFA) reserves the right to cancel an event (or partial event) due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable.
    If ISFA cancels an event, registrants will be offered a full refund.
    Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, ISFA has the right to either issue a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date.

    Transfer Policy: ISFA members may transfer the financial value of their registration to a co-worker  for no charge if written notification (to skpisfatreas@yahoo.com) is given 30 business days before the event – unless specifically stated on registration materials. After that point, the transfer service fee is $25. Companies who are not members of ISFA can transfer their registration at any point for a $25 service fee.

    Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given; please plan accordingly.


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  • What our fans are saying:

    "Learned to reach out of my comfort zone."

    "Had so much fun...gained a little more confidence."

    "Got pushed out of my comfort zone!!"

    "Wonderful Experience."

    "Being more creative in my designs..."

    "I loved seeing everyone's own style and interpretations and skill levels...and the food was great too!!"

    "This was the BEST thing I've ever experienced. The trainers were honestly interested in each participants and cared very much about the learning, the flowers, and the students."

    "Learning was well paced and very intense!"

    "Liked the bud vase project...can use this everyday in our shop."