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  • Illinois State Florists Association is dedicated to offering its members opportunities to enhance their floral education.   ISFA’s mission is to educate our members through Boot camps, ICPF certification program, Annual Floral Design Show, Floral, Food & Fun Educational Series, and much more. By educating our members through these methods we will help you create a stronger floral industry.

    ISFA Annual Floral Design Show

    ISFA Annual Floral Design Show takes place every March and is a three day event packed with floral design presentations, hands-on workshops, floral competitions, vendor market place and floral networking.   AFDS begins Friday with Illinois Certified Professional Florist (ICPF) and Illinois Certified Designer (ICD) Assessments and floral competitions - Illinois Designer of the Year, Land of Lincoln, and Tablescape Contests.  On Saturday, we kick off the main stage presentations with the reigning ISFA Designer of the Year and hands-on workshops and finish the day with the ISFA Annual Gala where all the contest winners will be announced, including the Saturday student design competition contestants.  Sunday the presentations and hand-on classes continue and concludes with a wedding program.

    Becoming an Illinois State Certified Florist (ICPF)

    The Illinois Certified Professional Florist (ICPF) program is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a basic level of proficiency in the floral industry for the state of Illinois. The Illinois Certified Professional Florist program consists of eight on-line courses and five hands-on classes.  All thirteen courses and the assessments must be successfully completed to attain membership as an Illinois Certified Professional Florist.  A one-time registration fee of $50 is all it takes to start your paths to becoming an Illinois Certified Professional Florist.  Online classes are ongoing.  To learn more please visit ISFAflorists.com or contact Ronda Hess at rhicpf@hotmail.com.

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    Becoming a Illinois Certified Designer: a pathway to becoming a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®)

    After successful completion of your ICPF certification program and the ISFA “boot camps” series, you have the opportunity to test to become an Illinois Certified Designer (ICD).  The ICD assessment involves a written test as well as a hands-on evaluation which is offered once a year at the Annual Design Show.  Also, as an Illinois Certified Designer, you will have the opportunity to receive the nationally recognized Certified Floral Designer (CFD).  Upon passing the assessment, ISFA can recommend you to the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) to receive the national prestigious CFD.  For further information, please visit ISFAflorists.com or contact Ronda Hess at rhicpf@hotmail.com

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    ISFA Boot Camps

    As a continuing educational opportunity, ISFA offers a series of two-day classes of 8 hours of intensive designing that are held four times a year created to boast your design skills and enhance your floral education.  Designing within the themes of Everyday, Wedding, Sympathy and Event/Holiday, students design eight or more, take home floral creations per weekend series.   Offered annually at the Champaign County Farm Bureau in Champaign, IL, all product, supplies, notebook and lunches are provided.

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    Advanced Bootcamp

    ISFA is proud to announce the addition of the Advanced Boot Camp.  For designers who have completed all four boot camps, you will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Advanced Boot Camp.  Each year the topic will change and new techniques will be taught. The course is guaranteed to push you outside your comfort zone and open your mind to new possibilities.

    Floral, Food & Fun Educational Series

    Our Floral, Food & Fun Educational Series is a great way to learn new floral skills while enjoying a great dinner and visiting your local wholesaler. These hands-on workshops, which include dinner and all the supplies needed for the class, take place over a three hour evening period allowing you to sneak away from the shop for an evening of education. 

    Classes focus on specific themes such as European Bridal bouquets, Jewelry and Wire Work, Personalized Sympathy Tributes and Unique Holiday Décor.  Courses are offered throughout the state at our various wholesale house partner locations. 

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