• 2020 ISFA Designer of the Year Contest

    The contest will be held on Friday, March 13, 2020

    2020 DESIGNER OF THE YEAR (DOY) CONTEST - March 13, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The entry fee is $50 and must be included with the Annual Floral Design Show registration. It must be received by MARCH 6, 2020. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE PERMITTED.

    Contest Description:

    Contestants will be given 2 ½ hours to complete 3 designs on-site. The three design categories will be: Bridal Bouquet, Sympathy, and Flowers to Wear. The top 4 designers will be notified prior to lunch on Saturday. Once announced, the top 4 designers will proceed to the stage where they will compete in the Surprise Package Design Finale in front of a live audience. The designer with the top combined score including the Surprise Package Design will become the 2020 ISFA Designer of the Year. Prizes:
    Certificates and ribbons will be given to first, second, and third place winners in each design category.

    Designer of the Year:

    First place - receives a cash prize based on the entry fees collected for the competition, the traveling Designer of the Year trophy to retain for one year, plaque, and the opportunity to present a program at the 2021 Annual Floral Design Show (if the winner does not have prior stage experience, a commentator will be provided by ISFA). The winner will also have the option (at their own expense) to represent ISFA at the Mid America Cup at the Arkansas Florist Association’s Annual Convention in 2020.

    First runner-up - receives full registration to the 2021 ISFA Annual Floral Design Show and a plaque.

    Second runner-up - receives registration for a regular hands-on class at the 2021 ISFA Annual Floral Design Show and a plaque. To participate as a representative of ISFA in other contests, the Designer of the Year must be engaged in the floral industry and employed by an active ISFA member shop. If the Designer of the Year is unable to fulfill their responsibilities or is disqualified, the responsibilities will be fulfilled by the first runner-up or second runner-up, in that order.

    3rd runner-up – receives a plaque.


    1. ENTRY: Contest is open to any active ISFA member or any employee of an active ISFA member. Employees or family members of the Designer of the Year Chairperson are ineligible to compete. Individuals are not eligible to compete within 1 year of winning Designer of the Year.

    2. Contestants must preregister for the 2020 ISFA Annual Design Floral Show.

    3. Contestants must report to the Designer of the Year Chairperson 45 MINUTES BEFORE the start of the contest for a required briefing. During this time, you will check materials provided and receive additional instructions. Each contestant will draw a sealed envelope containing three identification numbers selected at random, one number for each design category. The Designer of the Year Chairperson will retain a master sheet containing each contestant’s name and identification numbers. No one other than the Designer of the Year Chairperson will have access to this document.

    4. Contestants may only bring scissors, knife, wire cutters, jewelry pliers, and stem cutters. All fresh flowers, foliage, and supplies will be provided by ISFA. Supplies provided by ISFA may include floral tape, oasis tape, utility wire, wooden picks, oasis, oasis glue and pan glue, and skillet. Any of the supplies may be used in any or all designs. No background or display items may be used on any design, unless provided by ISFA. ANY CONTESTANT USING ANY PRODUCT OR SUPPLIES NOT PROVIDED BY ISFA WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

    5. DESIGN CATEGORY DETAILS: Each contestant will be given identical flowers, greens, accessories, and containers to work with. Contestant may use any of the material provided to complete their designs. Contestant may use as little or as much as they choose. The bridal bouquet must be designed to be carried by a model and be detachable from the stand for final judging. Additional details for each category may be provided during the Designer of the Year briefing.

    6. JUDGING: Prior to judging, the judges will be given an envelope containing the rules and score sheet. The judges will consist of qualified professional floral designers. The judges will only have access to their own tally sheets and will judge each design for its individual merit. Upon completion of judging, each judge will place all his/her tally sheets in an envelope and give it to the Designer of the Year Chairman.

    A points system will be used with a possible 100 total points given to each design by each judge. Designs will be judged based on ten categories. A maximum of 10 points may be given for each of the following categories:

    Interpretation, Creativity, Scale (Proportional), Unity (Harmony and Texture), Balance (Physical and Visual), Focal Emphasis, Line (Movement and Rhythm), Depth, Color Balance (Harmony and Rhythm), and Mechanics. Point scale: 0-2 Poor, 3-5 Fair, 6-8 Good, and 9-10 Excellent. After tabulating the points, the top four contestants will be selected to compete in the Surprise Package Design. If a tie-breaker is needed, points awarded for the Sympathy category will be eliminated. Judges may be present during the contest.


    1. ALL DOY contestants will bring their tools and meet 10 minutes early at the room where lunch will be served. The top 4 designers will be announced at the beginning of lunch and proceed to stage to compete in the Surprise Package Design Finale. (If you are signed up for meals, you will get your meal after you compete.)

    2. Each designer will receive identical materials.

    3. Contestants will have 15 minutes to look over and prep their materials, and 45 minutes to complete their designs. Each design will be moved to a table and judged after the contest.

    4. JUDGING: The same point system and categories will be used for judging the Surprise Package Design. The designer with the highest combined scores will be the winner and receive the title ISFA 2020 Designer of the Year. The contestant with the second highest number of points will be first runner-up, and the contestant with the third highest number of points will be the second runner-up.

    5. The Designer of the Year Chairperson will tabulate the results and will retain the information until the awards presentation. If a tie-breaker is needed, points awarded for the Sympathy category will be eliminated.

    6. Results will be announced at the dinner on Saturday evening.

    7. DISPLAY: The designs will remain in place to be viewed throughout the weekend. Contestants must remove their designs between 3:00-5:00 pm on Sunday.


    For more information, please contact Trisha Locke, AIFD, CFD, ICPF at (217) 840-3866

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