The state shall be divided into three (3) regions plus one (1) additional region for Out of State Directors. The boundaries shall be US Interstates. Up to five (5) directors shall be from each region.

            Region 1: I 80 North (to the state border)

            Region 2: I 70 North to I 80

            Region 3: I 70 South (to the state border)

            Region 4: Out of State position


    Each region may hold one (1) or more meetings a year to develop local promotional, educational and research programs, and the industry as a whole. These activities shall be conducted by up to three (3) directors from said region. The Senior Director shall be the Regional Chairperson.


    Members shall be classified hi one (1) of three (3) classifications:
    A. Active         B. Additional Shops         C. Associate


    An "active member" can be a retail shop (owner or designated employee), employees of a member, or an employee of a non-member shop, freelance floral designers, schools and universities, suppliers and growers serving the floral industry, including wire services. Active members have voting rights and can serve on the ISFA Board of Directors. Dues shall be determined by the Board.


    Active members with additional shop (s), additional shop members have voting rights. Dues shall be determined by the Board.


    An "associate member" is an individual who has retired from the floral industry, floral students with a valid school ID and floral instructors. Associate members have voting rights but cannot serve as an ISFA Board member or Officer. Dues shall be determined by the Board


    Dues for all classes of membership are payable in January to the Association and mailed to the Treasurer. The amount of dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


                The fiscal year of the Association shall be from January 01 through December 31.

                 ARTICLE III: OFFICERS


    The Officers of the Association are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the immediate Past President. The Executive committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate Past President.


    The elections of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors shall be by the members present attending the Spring Conference. The election results shall be announced at the conclusion of the Annual Members meeting.


    The President shall:

    1. Serve no more than one (1) term of two (2) years
    2. Shall be presented at the Spring Conference and shall assume office at the annual meeting during the Spring conference
    3. Preside at all meetings of the Association and have a general Supervision over its affairs
    4. Review all budget and progress reports of standing and special committees
    5. Appoint at the April meeting all standing and special committees subject to the approval of the Board
      1. When appropriate, the committee appointments will be made jointly by the incoming and outgoing President
    6. Nominate at the April meeting the Spring Conference Co-Chairpersons for the following year, subject to approval of the Board of Directors
    7. Be a member or ex-officio of all standing and special committees
    8. Have the power, in an emergency, to conduct business of the Association
    9. Appoint a replacement for any Board member who has resigned from the Board, or a Board member who is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings subject to the approval of the Board of Directors
    10. co-sign any check of one thousand and one dollars or more ($1001.00)


    The Vice President shall:

    1. Not serve more than one (1) term of two (2) years
    2. Assume office at the annual meeting during the Spring Conference
    3. In the absence of the President, assume and carryout the duties of the President
    4. Be a member of all Committees
    5. Chair the Audit Committee
    6. Chair the Grant Committee
    7. Co-sign any check along with the Treasurer and President in excess of five thousand and one dollar ($5001.00)


    The Secretary shall:

    1. Record minutes of the Board of Directors meeting, keeping a record of all motions voted,
      pertinent discussion and committee reports
    2. Be responsible for all written correspondence for the Association
    3. Accept and keep on file any application received for the position of Executive director
    4. Maintain Association records and other pertinent items of the Association
    5. Be elected with no limitation of tenure with review by the Board every two (2) years
    6. Have voting privileges


    The Treasurer shall:

    1. Receive all monies due to the Association including monies from the Spring Conference
      and lCPF
    2. Retain all receipts for income and expenses of the Association and keep an accurate record
    3. Submit a Treasurer's report at each meeting of the Board of Directors
    4. Compile an annual report to the Association of receipts and disbursements along with the vouchers and presented at the Annual Members meeting
    5. Chair the Finance Committee
    6. With the Finance Committee, prepare a budget and prepare for a yearly audit
    7. Be elected with no limitation of tenure
    8. Have voting privileges
    9. Determine the amount of monies available for Grants and report such recommendation to the Board, no later than the January meeting sign checks up to one thousand dollars($1000.00),co-sign checks with the President of one thousand one ($1001.00) dollars or more, co-sign checks with the President and Vice President of five thousand one($5001.00)or more                   

    The treasurer shall notify the Board of his/her intention not to seek re-election one (1) year prior to the end of the current term so that an "understudy" can be appointed. The Office shall be reviewed every two (2) years.

    SECTION VII: DUTIES OF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and/or EXECUTIVE BOARD (when and if, an Executive director is employed by the board)

    The Executive Director and/or executive board shall:

    1. Serve as the manager of the activities of the Association
    2. Perform such duties as necessary for the effective operation of the Association
    3. Be paid necessary expenses for the effective operation of the Association
    4. Be paid an annual salary, as determined by the Board of Directors
    5. Annually, at the Annual Board meeting, furnish to the Board a detailed list of all duties and time schedule and have said listings approved by the Board
    6. Attend the Society of American Florist convention as a voting representative, as directed by the Board
    7. Carry out the policies and procedures of the Association as directed by the board
    8. Agree with and sign the Employment Agreement
    9. Submit to the Secretary of the Association an itemized list of yearly assets, inventory, supplies and items that belong to the Association
    10. Give the Officers of the Association the right at any time access to all records of the Association
    11. Shall receive the minutes from the Secretary and mail them along with the agenda prior to the Board meeting
    12. Shall be responsible for all income and expenses of the Spring Conference and shall present a financial report to the Board at the Summer meeting following the Spring Conference.
    13. Serve as the Editor of the Association Bulletin
    14. Oversee the production and mailing of the bulletin to the members
    15. Solicit "Ads" for the Bulletin and report income and expenses to the Board
    16. Present to the Board advertising rates annually for approval


    There shall be one (1) regular membership meeting, which shall be held in conjunction with the Spring Conference. Time and place is to be determined by the Board of Directors. Twenty five (25) active members shall constitute a quorum.


    1. There shall be five (5) regular meetings of the Board of Directors. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President, or may be called upon the  request of three (3) members of the Board
    2. The Annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall be the first meeting following the Spring
      Conference, at which time Officers and incoming or newly elected directors shall assume their office
    3. The time and place of the Board of Directors meeting shall be determined by the Board
    4. Five (5) active Board members shall constitute a quorum for a Board meeting



    The management and administration of the Association shall be directed by the Board of Directors, which shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director (when employed by the board of directors) and up to fifteen (15) Regional Directors, with no more than five (5) from each region.


    1. The election of up to fifteen (15) Directors shall be by ballot as their term expires. Conference-Co Chairpersons will automatically remain as a board member for one (1) year following the Conference they co-chaired, if the term has expired or they were not elected to a second term, and shall have voting privileges. The election shall be by secret ballot during the Annual Spring Conference. Voting times shall be determined by the Board of Directors
    2. Term of Office: Regional Directors shall be elected for a term of three (3) years and may serve for one (1) additional three (3) year term. Past Directors may seek re-election to the Board after being off the Board for one (1) year
    3. Eligibility: Current Board members may choose to serve as an Officer of the Association after serving at least two (2) years as a Board member
    4. Removal: Directors who are absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without just cause, shall be removed from office of the Board of Directors
    5. Board members may be removed from office by a vote of the board of directors for conduct considered to be improper or unethical.


    Vacancies shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors


    The duties of the Board of Directors shall be:

    1. To adopt a Mission Statement, By Laws and Standing Rules for the Government of the Association
    2. To control the distribution of funds and determine the amount of dues charged the members
    3. To arrange for the raising of additional funds
    4. To employ such persons as it deems necessary for the successful attainment of the objectives of the Association
    5. To give, at least once a year, a report of the activities and funds of the Association to the membership
    6. To approve the appointments of all standing and special committees
    7. To approve the appointment of the Spring Conference Co-Chairpersons.
    8. To see the rulings of the Board of Directors are permanently codified by the Executive Director under each office or committee to which they apply under the Standing Rules of the Association
    9. To approve the appointments made by the President to fill a vacancy of any Board member who is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings or to fill the vacancy of any Board member removed for improper conduct
    10. To see that no member conducts any public campaign or solicitation for funds for the Association without the approval of the Board of Directors
    11. To appoint an Executive Director when needed to be determined by the Board of Directors
    12. To attend all meetings and to participate in activities of the Association between meetings as required and to take an active working part at the Spring Conference
    13. To approve Association membership in related organizations
    14. Determine the policies and procedures to be carried out by the Association
    15. Determine the annual compensation for the Treasurer

                 ARTICLE VI: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (When one is employed by the board)

    The Executive Director shall be appointed for a term to be determined by the Board of Directors and need not be an active member of the Association. The Board of Directors shall vote at a board meeting on the renewal of contract and salary. Employment Agreement must be signed by the newly appointed Executive Director and the President. The Executive Director must comply with all the duties as stated in the Employment agreement, the By Laws and the Standing Rules of the Association. The Executive Director is not a voting member of the Board.


    The following Standing and Special committees shall be appointed by the President, subject to approval by the Board of Directors, at the April meeting.


    It shall consist of three (3) Board members who shall:

    1. Nominate current or past board members for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary
      and Treasurer
    2. Nominate active members for the office or expired term of Regional Directors. One (1) or more nominations may be made for each office of Regional Directors
    3. Read the report of the Nominating Committee at the November Board meeting
    4. Supervise the election procedure at the Spring Conference
    5. Tally the Ballots at the close of elections at the Spring Conference
    6. Present the sealed election results to the President, who will report said results before the close of the Annual Members meeting
    7. Actively solicit names of potential Illinois State Florists' Association volunteers
    8. Conduct the Hall of Fame election as stated in the Standing Rules
    9. Submit material to the Editor to be used in the publication of the Bulletin


    It shall consist of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall serve as the Chairperson of the committee.

    The committee shall:

    1. Establish and maintain budgetary procedures and rules
    2. Establish and maintain financial procedures covering the handling of Funds.
    3. Serve as advisor to the Board on all financial matters
    4. Prepare the Annual Budget for the coming year and present it to the Board at the September
      board meeting for their consideration. The Budget will be voted on at the November meeting.


    It shall consist of the Executive Committee. The Vice President shall serve as the Chairperson.

    The committee shall:

    1. Conduct a yearly audit at the close of the fiscal year and prior to the annual Association
    2. Furnish an audit report at the Annual Members meeting, from the annual report of the


    The committee shall consist of at least three (3) Board members appointed by the President, the current Editor of the Bulletin and others as the committee sees fit.

    The committee shall:

    1. Promote the objectives of the Association and encourage membership in the Association
    2. Aggressively market the benefits of the Illinois State Florists' Association
    3. Survey the needs of the membership on an ongoing basis
    4. Market the Illinois State Florists' Conference(s)
    5. Promote and establish an identity of the Association
    6. Disseminate information concerning the Association to the public
    7. Oversee publication of the Bulletin and make recommendations regarding content, format, size and cost
    8.  Recommend the reporting of costs of publication by the Editor
    9.  Submit material to the Editor to be used in the Bulletin


    It shall consist of up to four (4) active members, one (1) of which is to be the Vice President.

    This committee shall:

    1. Review legislation being proposed in the State Legislature that will have an effect on the florist industry
    2. Furnish information regarding legislation in the industry
    3. Cooperate with the Legislative (Government Affairs) committee of the Society of American Florists in national legislative matters
    4. Report on new information relative to the florist industry to the Board of Directors


    This committee shall consist of two (2) active members and shall be chaired by the Vice President.

    This committee shall:

    1. Award grants of the Association
    2. Adhere to the rules of the Grants Program as stated in the Standing Rules
    3. Reconsider at the April Board meeting, the number of grants to be awarded and make the proper recommendations


    It shall consist of the Officers of the Association and appointed Board members.

    This committee shall:

    1. Review the By Laws, Standing Rules and Mission Statement each April.
    2. Receive, consider and put into proper parliamentary form all proposed Amendments.
    3. Review and update the current Spring Conference guidelines.


    It shall consist of minimum of three (3) Board members, the ICPF Coordinator and input from the members as needed.

    To further clarify, the committee shall:

    1. Have a committee Chair to interact as coordinator for the committee of the whole
    2. Have an ICPF Co Chair working closely with the ICPF Coordinator, be responsible for financial records of the ICPF program, said funds of which shall be placed in a separate account and monitored by the ISFA Treasurer. A separate budget shall be established for the ICPF program
    3. Have the Hands On Chair working closely with Committee Chair to coordinate all Hands On Workshops, both traveling and Spring Conference programs
    4. Promote educational opportunities to the membership during the Spring Conference and throughout the year
    5. Submit educational material to the Editor for use in the publication of the Bulletin

    Further, the Committee shall administer surveys and record results and update the Certification program of ISFA according to its guidelines and Board direction.


    Special Committees can be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Committee shall exist for as long as necessary and shall terminate with the term of the appointing President. The committee may be reactivated by the incoming President.


    The Editor of the Illinois State Florists' Association Newsletter shall be appointed by the board of Directors

    SECTION II: Newsletter

    The Bulletin, known as the Illinois State Florists' Association Newsletter, shall be the official publication for the Association. It shall be e-mailed, to all active and associate members. Commercial and Member advertising may appear in the Newsletter to offset expenses. Rates will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

                ARTICLE IX: FINANCES

    Dues of active and associate members are payable in January to the Association and mailed to the Association Treasurer. The fiscal year is January 01 to December 31.


    The rules as contained in ROBERTS' RULES OF ORDER shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the By Laws of special rules of the Association.

                ARTICLE XI: BYLAWS

    These By Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors after being presented to and voted on by the Board of Directors. The executive Board shall determine at what time the By Laws shall be amended

    Revised July 2017



    The standing rules shall be updated annually by the Board of Directors by the By Law and Standing Rules Committees with Board approval.


    Class A: Active

    Class B: Additional Shops

    Class C: Associate


    Class A: $99.00 per calendar year Class B: $50.00 per calendar year Class C: $50.00 per calendar year


    For the purposes of election, each business entity represents one (1) membership. Election ballots will be available at the election desk.

    In order to be on the election ballot, the nominees must be an ISFA active member, Owner, Manager or full tune employee (at least 30 hours per week) of membership Class A or B and a current member of ISFA in good standing. Nominee must be the only member running for or on the Board with one (1) full paid membership.

    To run for an Officer Position, a member must be a current or past Board member. Candidates for election shall be published in the newsletter 2 weeks prior to the Spring Conference.

    Voting shall take place during the Spring Conference, during designated times and election results shall be announced at the conclusion of the annual Members meeting.


    When a Board member is no longer employed by the member shop at which they were employed at the time of their election, or the shop ceases to be a member of ISFA, the Membership Committee shall review the Board member status and make a recommendation to the Board of then- eligibility to serve on the Board within 30 days or at the next Board meeting.


    In matter of and pertaining to the Spring Conference, the Conference Guidelines shall be considered the Standing Rules.

    The Conference Guidelines shall be updated annually, by a committee consisting of the current Executive Board and the current and past Conference Chairs and other members as appointed.

    Cost of material for seminars will be covered through donations or paid for by the association.

    Designer of the year contest ties will be determined by eliminating one category by a drawing. Other design contest ties will combine the two placements and dividing the prize. i.e. a first place tie shall be combined with the second place. If design contest is sponsored by a company other than ISFA, no judge shall be from a competitive company. No judge shall be a business that has an entry in the contest. Only one judge per business.


    Members may attend Board meetings as observers with no voting privileges. Notification of their intention to attend will be required.

    Visitors are welcome to attend Board meetings and make presentations provided that are on the agenda and approved by the Board.

    Eligibility of a member to serve on the Board will be addressed by the Executive Committee and Membership Committee if necessary.

    Meals for regular Board meetings will be provided by ISFA. Special Committee meeting meals will be provided by ISFA up to $15.00 per person. A bill should be submitted by the Committee Chairperson for reimbursement. Any other meeting expenses are the responsibility of the individual Directors.

    June meeting shall include an assessment of the Association goals.


    The annual members meeting shall be held during the Spring Conference.


          1. Call to order by President

              a. Remarks by President

           2. Executive Board annual report

          3. Treasurer's annual report

          4. Report of Nomination/Human Resources Committee

             a. Election results

             b. Introduction of new Officers and Directors

          5. Old business

          6. New business

          7. Closing remarks and announcements

               a. Date and time of next Members meeting

          8. Adjournment

    The Members meeting is a recorded meeting.


    In the event of a death of a current Board member, their spouse, children or parent, or the death of past Board member or their spouse, ISFA (at the discretion of the Executive Committee), will send a floral display for $75.00. Should a long time member/friend of the Association pass away, a token flower or plant shall be sent to the funeral home or the deceased's home, at the discretion of the Executive Director and the Executive Committee.

    In the event of a hospitalization of a current Board member or their spouse or past Board member or their spouse, ISFA (at the discretion of the Executive Committee), will send a floral arrangement for $35.00. Flowers will be ordered by the Executive Director or one of the Officers. Flowers will be sent through an ISFA member whenever possible. The enclosed card will be signed: "ISFA Officers, Board of Directors and Members."


    The newly elected President will receive a plaque at installation and the outgoing President will be presented a suitable personal gift.

    Retiring Directors shall receive a plaque acknowledging their service to the Association. The plaque will be presented at the Annual Members meeting during the Spring Conference



    1. $300.00 for a full day teaching session, plus 35 cents per mile, meals and room if pre-
      approved for a 2 day session
    2. $175.00 for each ½  day teaching session, plus 35 cents mileage and meals
    3. $100.00 per day for a person coordinating and record keeping plus 35 cents mileage and meals
    4. Expense report to be turned in by Instructor


    1. Registration fee $125.00 per person
    2. Class fee: 3 Hours - $49.00 6 Hours - $99.00

               3.  The ICPF Coordinator will receive a salary of $100.00 per month.
    To remain in the ICPF program, yearly dues of $25.00 are applicable.

    (Note: ICPF COORDINATOR AND ASSISTANT COORDINATOR job description is attached to the Standing Rules.)



    1. $175.00 fee for programs with a minimum of two (2) hours and a
      maximum of three (3) hours
    2. $300.00 fee for all day programs with AM and PM sessions
    3. 35 cents mileage plus room fee is more than 60 miles and approved by Committee

    2.  MONITORS

    a. $50.00 fee plus 35 cents mileage. Monitors will be closest person to workshop location



    1. Keep a record of winners and judging papers for one (1) year
    2. Give to the Treasurer, Vice President  and Executive Board a list of Grant and Scholarship winners
    3. Upon receiving proof of completion, shall forward the information to the Treasurer for the
      check to be issued


    a. The Committee shall update the application as necessary

    b. Determine the amounts of the Grants and Scholarships and recommend to the Board for approval

    c. The Committee is responsible for the supervision of the Grant and Scholarship process

    d. Review application and evaluate two weeks prior to the Conference

    e. Applications form must be typed

    f. Grants and Scholarships must be used by March 31st of the following year

    g. Applicants must be an ISFA member or employee working for an ISFA member, or a college student sponsored by the Horticulture/Floriculture department of the College

    h. Grant budget shall be determined by the Board at the time the budget is prepared, but no later than the January Board meeting. The Treasurer can make a recommendation regarding the Grants     depending on the financial status of the Association, but no later than the January Board meeting

    i. Awarding of Grants and Scholarships shall be determined by the committee with consideration of ISFA sponsored programs (i.e. ICPF and advanced classes). Classes not sponsored by ISFA will also receive consideration. Further clarification will allow grants to be used for Design Schools, ICPF classes, workshops, education and business seminars

    j. Applicants must show proof of completions to receive then- money

    k. Grant can only be used for what it was approved for and the time for which it was approved


    Hall of Fame Award is presented at the Spring Conference when there is a nominee. An ISFA member may nominate any person who has made an outstanding contribution to the floral industry in Illinois.

    Nominations shall be sent to the Chairperson of the Nominating/Human Resource Committee by December 31st.

    Each letter of nomination must give the candidate's name, history in the floral industry and those characteristics and qualifications which make this person deserving of the award. Nominator's name, shop and phone number must be included in the nomination.

    Nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee who will select three candidates to present to the Board at the January meeting for their consideration and selection of the winner. The Board shall vote by secret ballot.



    1983 Dan Irons                                                                    2000 Judie Airman

    1984GailFosler                                                                    2001 BillWond

    1985 AlEaston                                                                     2002 JimMoretz

    1986 Dr. Marv Carbonneau                                              2003 MaryBeaudin

    1987 Bernie Burkland                                                        2004 Judi Borah

    1988 OlinWetzel                                                                 2005 DebiRaymer

    1989 Herman Ihle                                                              2006 JoeKarban

    1990 AvadaLeaf                                                                  2007 George Mabis

    1991 James Curtis                                                               2008 Mary Noble Williams

    1992 Jean Williams                                                            2009 William J. "Bill" McKinley

    1993 Don Carlson                                                               2010 Sherri Knoblauch

    1994 DickColeman                                                              2012 John Bonsoe

    1195 Elmer Rieck                                                                          Jerry Prokuski

    1996 William Blythe                                                         2013 Gregor Lersch                                 

    1997 Robert Abbott                                                          2014 Daniel “Danny” Whitehurst

    1998 Michael Bahnes                                                       2015 Dianne Noland

    1999 EldonHaab                                                                2016 Bonnett Wholesale Florist

                                                                                                 2017 Rosalind Bloome


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  • Become an Illinois State Florist Association (ISFA) Board Member

    What is the Illinois State Florist Association Board?

    The Illinois State Florist Association (ISFA) is managed and under the administration of a Board of Directors comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Regional Directors.  Board members are chosen from ISFA members in good standing.

    Why should You consider becoming a ISFA Board Member?

    Because of your commitment to education and as an ISFA member in good standing, the ISFA Executive Board and Board of Directors would like to invite you to consider becoming an ISFA Board Member.  By becoming an ISFA Board Member, you can enhance your career, enabling you to make a positive impact in our industry as well as grow personally.  As a member of the ISFA Board, you have the opportunity to gain insights and new knowledge about various aspects of our industry.  You have the opportunity to give back to the floral community by channeling your passion, commitment and motivation in a positive and productive way by assisting other floral professionals.

    Through your association with ISFA as a board member, you also are given opportunities to grow as a leader in the floral industry.  By being involvement in the ISFA’s decisions making process that reflect emerging issues, you will be working with like-minded people who are making choices that will affect the future betterment of our profession.  Your knowledge of current events in our industry will offer you the chance to develop your skill base in interpersonal communication, decision-making, problem-solving, team-building and time-management skills.  Furthermore, you will be able to expand your networks by making connections with other board members and other influential individuals in the floral community.

    What is ISFA Board Members Required to do?

    As a board member, you will be asked to:

    -attend six annual board meetings which are held in Springfield, Illinois,

    -sit on various committees

    -participate in the Annual Design Floral Show during the third weekend of March at Decatur, Illinois Conference Center


    How long is a ISFA Board Term of Commitment?

      Your term on the Board normally requires a three year commitment.

    Become an ISFA Board Member

    If you are interested in becoming an ISFA Board Member, please download the ISFA Board Member Application and return it to Julia Marie P. Schmitt AIFD, CFD, EMC, ICPF, Chair of Nominating and Human Resource Committee, at Pualeialii@hotmail.com and Adam Havrilla AIFD, CFD, ICPF, President of Illinois State Florists' Association