• 2019 ISFA Education Grant to attend the Annual Floral Design Show


  • General Rules:

    This grant is available to any accredited High School or Junior College teacher that teaches students floral design.

    Each applicant must compile a letter of intent to include school name, contact name, contact information, website information, and number of floral classes being taught yearly. It must also include a statement on what you hope to gain by attending the Annual Floral Design Show regarding passing along information to your students.


    Letter must be received by February 22, 2019 to

    Michelle O’Neal Babicky, ISFA-FFA Liaison



    10 recipients will be selected through a lottery system

     and  announced via facebook and website on March 2, 2019.

    The recipient of the scholarship will receive: 2019 ISFA Dues, 2019 ISFA Full Registration for the

    Annual Floral Design Show (includes entry to Marketplace, Design Shows, Meal Functions),

     2-night hotel stay, and 1 hands-on class.

    The scholarship must be used for the ISFA Annual Floral Design Show March 15-17, 2019.

     (ISFA representative will book your hotel accommodations)




    Teacher Name: _______________________________________________________________________________


    School: _____________________________________________________________________________________


    Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________


    Cell Number: ________________________________________________________________________________


    Contact Email: _______________________________________________________________________________


    Number of Floral Classes Taught Yearly: __________________________________________________________


    School Website: _____________________________________________________________________________


    Have you attended the Annual Floral Design Show in the past? ________________________________________


    Return to:

    Michelle O’Neal Babicky, ISFA-FFA Liaison



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